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Architectural railing design specification for common sense
Aug 25, 2016

Stairs involves many dimensions, in addition to familiar step outside of the tread, the playing surface dimensions, the width of the bench, the width of the rest, high platform off the net are also expressly provided norms. Overlooked was:
1. the height of the handrail of the stairs (starting from stair nosing lines) should not be less than 0.90m; an outdoor staircase handrail height shall be not less than 1.05m.
2. well width is greater than 0.20m, the vertical clearance of handrails should not be greater than 0.11M, in case children fall.
3. the landing clear width apart from the outside shall be not less than width of ladder, and may not be less than 1.10m.
4. bench width specification defined in the residential design in other buildings, fire evacuation requirements must be met. Had taken from the width of the stairs in the public buildings are usually high, but attention to the width setting of handrails and steps. Which should be set on at least one side of the stairs handrail, bench when the net is as wide as three people, located on either side armrest, when up to four people, should be added the Middle armrest.

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