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PVC fence for safe operation
Aug 25, 2016

1, entering the workplace to wear overalls, shirts into pants, open sleeves to tie, ladies and long hair must be within the CAP; no high heels, slippers, sandals, skirts, shorts and wearing scarves, prevent the occurrence of accidents.
2, are not allowed to move without authorization and use of machine tool equipment, must be used under instructor guidance.
3, allowed in the workplace to fight each other, and are not allowed to use any tools or materials between joking, PVC fence material are not allowed a knife, gun, stick, sword-fighting apparatus.
4, work around people and their security to prevent the wave tool, tool shed, artifacts, and PVC fencing profile splash damage, coordination of work to the attention of more than two people.
5 must have complete, the tools used, in good condition and reliable, I can start work. Do not use crack, Burr, no handle or handles loose does not comply with the safety requirements of the tools, and strict adherence to commonly used tools for safe operation.
6, tools or measuring tool should be put on the table of the appropriate place, measuring in case of fall injury or assault.

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