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PVC fence technical knowledge
Aug 25, 2016

1.PVC guardrail with high strength extrusion of PVC raw material, components of polyvinyl chloride plastic raw materials. When the surface is smooth, touch, bump should not be injured.
2. do not rust, does not need paint, corrosion resistance, and so greatly reduces ongoing maintenance costs, so as to avoid pollution of the environment.
3.PVC fence styles, can satisfy different aesthetic, simple, bold and bright.
4. the product structure and node has screws and assembling two, Assembly is simple and reliable. Dong compared to the metal railing, processing speed, short delivery dates, simple installation, low cost.
5. the products are simple and clean, with modern style, not overly flamboyant fashion, reflecting the elegance of modern civilization. Products are mainly white, bright, high pressure.
6. undertake the type of structure, simple and quick, with good strength, structure reasonable, controlled, and quality of life conducive to large-scale production and standardization of products.