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Rails how to enhance competitiveness of enterprises
Aug 25, 2016

1. innovation: innovation is the motive power of sustainable development of enterprises, innovation is the basis of constantly sum up and keep moving forward, constantly improving. All walks of life are the same. Product innovation is the vitality and enterprise's vitality lies in development, there is no innovation capacity of enterprises lack of development and motivation.
2. form: do not recklessly expand the scale, not blindly pursue bigger, should pursue stronger, there is extensive development to intensive development, and the potential to strengthen internal management, increase productivity, improve product quality, improve product value-added and economic benefit, the accumulation of power.
3. the enterprises bigger and stronger comes in many forms, and stronger connotation: 1) scale land acquisition and transfer of land was cheap in the future can be profitable. 2) tapping the tap their own potential to the full, to maximize productivity. 3) strengthening internal management to reduce costs and improve efficiency. 4) develop new products improve product added value. 5) reasonable and make full use of our site, proper wiring, to increase output. 6) integrating resource sharing. 7) energy-saving and consumption reduction, elite governance. 8) increasing mechanization, increase production and improve quality. 9) from selling products to selling businesses is a way for enterprise development.