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Rational use of guardrails, and beautify the urban ecological environment
Aug 25, 2016

In summer, many people like to go out for an outing in the evening cool, Park has become a preferred place for them. First, trees in the Park and lush, is the natural place to cool. Secondly, in this bustling city it's hard to find a similar Park in this quiet natural environment, water flowing under the little bridge, flowers, Breeze, pleasant, and who doesn't love that?
However, many parks are now open and many people like to sit or stand on the lawn playing, which cause a lot of damage to the environment of the Park, originally a green meadow has highlighted a piece of loess. Neglect of the Park lawns like a wasteland, it is unsightly, originally used to beautify the environment, now is just the opposite. At the same time urged the public to protect the park environment, installing lawn fencing is necessary.