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The development of China's PVC market
Aug 25, 2016

In recent years, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) developed at an astonishing pace, new and expansion projects have been launched, the rapid expansion of production capacity, production has increased substantially. 1997-2006, China PVC capacity, yield an average annual growth rate of up to 22.2% and 20% respectively.
2006 National today PVC resin production is 8,238,583.86 tons; the 2007 National today PVC resin production reached 9,716,783.63 tonnes; 2008 1 May national today PVC resin production is 4,028,666.03.
In 2008-2012, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), market demand is expected to average annual growth of 4%, especially in some developing countries, showed a trend of rapid growth of market demand. China will maintain rapid growth in demand for PVC resin, especially in terms of building materials, is in a period of rapid growth in recent years. With the increasing pace of internationalization of China's market, packaging material for PVC resin and pipe in cement, fertilizer, food, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, detergents, cosmetics and other fields will have a broad space for development, its demand is increasing; the other, automotive, communications, traffic areas also showed rapid growth in demand for PVC resin and PVC resin industry in China is still a big room for development.