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The uniqueness of PVC fence
Aug 25, 2016

1, PVC fence does not need to be like that of the steel guardrail remove rust, paint brush. Regular water and detergent to clean can be beautiful like new.
2, PVC fence cannot prevent graffiti, most paints can be easily removed with water, solvent or 400# water sandpaper, paint can be removed.
3, PVC is self-extinguishing materials, PVC fence on fire, just fire away, the fire went out of itself
4, PVC fence will not yellow, since the entire profile section added import large quantities of light and thermal stabilizers and UV absorbers.
5, PVC fence can become dirty, clean water and detergent washing powder + enough to make it clean as new. Use a soft brush or alkali cleaning water. Avoid scrape or wipe surface of PVC fence with a hard object.