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Turf use guardrail IX
Aug 25, 2016

Turf use guardrail IX, users can choose according to their own liking.
1, grid-type lawn guardrail according to architect and developer requirements, grid height of the guardrail into smooth curves, is a combination of art and engineering design.
2, community lawn and garden fence bars, usually white, apply to villas and residential apartment buildings of the enclosure.
3, garden fence garden lawn fencing is mainly used for garden villas, parks, schools, churches, apartments, beachfront vacation homes and seaside parks, such as the building envelope.
4, dodging invisible from the outside fence the fence to fence in the scene, mainly for the privacy requirements of the occasion. There is a type of dual-use dodging and ventilation, suitable for summer evenings enjoy the occasion in the yard.
5, heavy-duty lawn fencing manufactured from galvanized shaped steel coated with PVC. Ideal for large venues or traffic support, particularly for high strength requirements of occasions. Mainly used in agriculture and the cattle in captivity, highway, a large industrial base and a large recreation area.
6, flower beds, lawn fencing are the low railing, grass, entertainment venues, ideal Villa, the Park fence.
7, balcony fences, balconies, roof terrace decorated and enclosure. Mainly used for villas, churches, schools, apartments, Beach Lounge and other venues.
8, stair railing of wood grain design, can not only beautify the room environment.
9, gazebo and Pergola gazebo Assembly-type structure, not only very beautiful, convenient installation, built Pavilion of the place makes the environment more beautiful and pleasing. Flower villas can be a backyard into a magnificent garden, and expanded living space.