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Aspen Man Drives Mercedes Into Fence, Water Valve Near Wheeler Opera House
Aug 04, 2017

A 69-year-old local man accidentally drove through a fence and over a water pipe next to the Wheeler Opera House on Thursday morning, police said.

The man was attempting to park his 1985 Mercedes convertible in a lot next to the Wheeler when he experienced "a slip of the foot" and the car surged through the fence, over a sapling tree, onto a berm and into a water distribution valve, said Aspen police Sgt. Mike Tracey.

The broken valve shot water into the air in the small park area between the Wheeler and the Motherlode building, he said.

The valve supplied water to plants maintained by the Aspen Parks Department for the surrounding two blocks, Tracey said. The water was shut off and Parks Department workers were fixing the valve soon after, he said.

The driver of the Mercedes was not cited, Tracey said.