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Berlin School Erects 5ft Fence To Keep Prostitutes Out Of Campus
Sep 12, 2017

The Französisches Gymnasium highschool, located on a sidestreet of Berlin’s notorious Kurfürstenstraße, is well-known as the hub of the city’s street prostitution scene.

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o matter what time of day, prostitutes are often seen soliciting clients near the school grounds.

And within the grounds itself, discarded condoms and syringes, as well as excrement can often be seen.

So it’s no wonder the school decided to take matters into their own hands with the building of the fence.

District school inspector Carsten Spallek told the daily Berliner Zeitung: ‘There were always complaints about unscrupulous characters including prostitutes walking shamelessly and illegally into school grounds even during the day.

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A total of £52,300 was reportedly spent on building the fence to keep the prostitutes out

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District coordinator Michael Klinnert told the paper: ‘The prostitutes eat, stand, drink and litter. It looks filthy in the late evening.

‘The women have no stations to wash themselves or to get themselves ready. And they relieve themselves wherever they please.’

He added that every morning women are driven to the area in vans often right in front of the school and that other schools in the area have complained of the same problem.

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