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Deer With Rope Tangled In Antlers Rescued From Barbed Wire Fence
Jan 04, 2017

PEASE POTTAGE, England, Jan. 3 (UPI) -- Animal rescuers in England were called to free a deer that became tangled in a length of rope that then became tangled in a barbed wire fence.

The RSPCA said Animal Collection Officer Louis Horton responded to a wooded area in Pease Pottage Dec. 14 on a report of a deer caught on a fence.

"The buck was thrashing around and was clearly very frightened and distressed," Horton said. "The deer had rope tangled around his antlers which had then got caught on barbed wire fencing and a tree stump."

"I couldn't cut the rope as it was lined with wire but, thankfully, I eventually managed to untangle the deer from the fencing and remove the rope from his head," he said. "He wasn't badly injured so, instead of causing him more distress, I released him back into the woodland. It was lovely to see him dashing back into the trees where he belongs!"