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Highway Fence Product Use Characteristics
Aug 25, 2016

Highway guardrail network in industry in the also called: Highway guardrail, and highway guardrail network, and high-speed road guardrail, actually just name of changes its nature also is guardrail network, products no what difference. Highway guardrail network is guardrail network products in the most common of a, it is used domestic quality low carbon wire, and aluminum magnesium alloy silk woven welding and into, has assembled flexible, and strong durable of features. Can be made into a permanent fence walls, and can be used as a temporary quarantine network, using only fixed by different columns can be achieved. In recent years, the wire mesh products are widely used on many highways in the country, and have achieved good results.
Highway fence products with attractive and durable, flexible, quick installation, and is an ideal metal fence products, anticorrosion, aging, Sun, weather and so on. For anti-corrosion plating can be used, hot-dip galvanized, spray, dip. Uses and applications: mainly used in the Park/Zoo fencing surrounding territories, traffic isolation, Campus/site, temporary barriers.

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