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Horror As Boy, 13, Impales His Arm On Fence As Neighbours 'held Him Up Before Help Arrived'
Sep 04, 2017

13-year-old boy was rescued by neighbours after he impaled his arm on a fence as he climbed into a sports club.

The teen was scaling a 7ft fence yesterday in Brough, East Yorks, at 4pm when he slipped and plunged his upper arm into a metal spike.

Witnesses said neighbours rushed to the boy's aid after they heard his screams and held him in place until paramedics and firefighters arrived.

Medics today revealed the boy he could have suffered serious injuries if the spike "had hit the wrong place".

Gordon Ashmore, steward at Blackburn Leisure Sports and Social Club, said youngsters from a local housing estate often hurdled the fence to access sports pitches at the club.

He said: "He was in a lot of pain. A neighbour heard the screams and stayed with him until the ambulance arrived, someone kept him up to stop him slipping into unconsciousness.

"At night it's pitch black down that end of the grounds so if he came over then he might not have been found until the morning."

Yorkshire Air Ambulance confirmed they were scrambled to Brough, East Yorks, at 4pm yesterday after the boy plunged his upper arm into a fence.

Firefighters were also called and used hydraulic cutting equipment to cut the fence and free the casualty in a major operation which lasted longer than an hour.

A spokeswoman for Yorkshire Air Ambulance said: "We were called after a 13-year-old male impaled his upper arm on a fence.

"We don't think it was severe but it could have been had it hit the wrong place.

"We didn't carry him but he went on a road ambulance with one of our crew paramedics and he went to Hull Royal Infirmary with a member of our specialist crew.

"We don't know how he got into that situation."

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance had to land on a field close to Blackburn Sports and Leisure Club and many onlookers took to social media to speculate why there were so many emergency service vehicles in the vicinity.

A spokeswoman for Humberside Fire and Rescue said: "We were able to free the child. We cut the fence using hydraulic equipment after sending two crews.

"It happened around the area of Prescott Avenue near the recreation ground there.

"The first engine left the scene at 5.50pm with the second vehicle leaving at 6.15pm.

"The incident was left with the ambulance service."