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Kellogg Officer Fixes Fence For Homeowner
Dec 16, 2016

  KELLOGG, Idaho. -- A Kellogg police officer responded to a call of a different nature recently.

  He thought he was going to the scene of some kind of a hit and run crime but the person who made that call simply needed some help repairing part of their home.

  In his few years with the Kellogg Police Department, Officer Keith Aamodt has responded to all sorts of calls, you name it. But one call last week was different.

  "It was very confusing how it came in,” Aamodt said. “We believed it was a hit and run crash."

  Aamodt showed up to the home and this alleyway and saw this fence in a much different state then it looks now.

  The top part of the fence was off, and the chain link was on the ground. The homeowner was not there at the time, but he still left his business card then went back on patrol. When the homeowner returned, she certainly was a little thrown off.

  “I was astonished that the police were contacting me and not public works,” homeowner Linda Langer said.

  Langer said city crews were recently working on sewer lines near her alleyway and was curious if they might have hit her fence. So she called the city and the call inadvertently made its way to Officer Aamodt. Once she saw his card, he went back to her place and they figured everything out.

  "Oh no, there wasn't a car wreck, the fence post just fell down,” Aamodt said. “I was wanting help putting it back together."

  "He just reached up, pulled it over and put it together and voila it was fixed," Langer said.

  Langer's military husband is deployed overseas. She is not much of a handywoman herself and recently injured her ankle too. Without thinking twice, Aamodt got his hands just a little dirty and helped her out.

  "I was a little bit embarrassed because it was that easy of a fix,” Langer said. “But with my husband being in Kuwait, and all of that it was just wonderful that he tried to fix it for me."

  "I think everyone would have done the same thing,” Aamodt said. “I was born and raised in this valley and I like to take the time to take care of its residents."