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ON THE FENCE Bungling Arbroath Man Who Tried To Climb Fence – But Ended Up With His Leg Stuck For 20 MINUTES – Goes Viral
Jun 16, 2017

Roddy Campbell spotted the man climbing the fence in Arbroath, Angus yesterday while he was outside the Westport Bar on Keptie Street for a cigarette with mates.

The man is caught climbing over the fence

The man is caught climbing over the fence

After hearing cries for help round the corner, he found the man with one foot wedged between the metal bars.

The group filmed the hapless stunt asking how long the man had been there, to which he replied “20 minutes”.

One person said: “We’ll let you down when you explain why the f*** were you climbing the fence? What were you trying to steal?”

The man replies: “Nothing, I was getting up the road.”

Roddy posted the video on Facebook with the caption “caught in the act” – it was viewed over 246,000 times.

It comes just one week after a punter almost impaled himself after climbing a spiked fence in Glasgow.