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P.E.T.S Completes 100th Fence Build
Sep 12, 2017

This was their 100th off the chain build and this one was special for the volunteers as well as the people who they were building the fence for.
PETS builds fences for those who need some help to get one built for their dogs so they will not be chained up. This being the 100th was a special milestone for the volunteers
“It’s quite a great thing,” Anibal Guevara, who works with PETS clinic said. “So many people have come together to do this over the years. I just started around December this last year. These guys have been doing it for a couple years. To be a part of it is a great thing. As you can see the community comes together when it’s time to free some animals. Some days we have six volunteers, some days we have 20. It really depends on what we can get out there. I really can’t tell you how great of an impact these guys have.”
On top of being number 100 they also dedicated this fence build to one of the leaders who has recently had health problems
Initially we started this as a community funded build,” Guevara said. “It’s our 100th build. Because Gerald fell into some health issues and he can’t be here with us. He would be here with us every day. So, we decided this build should be for him. These guys really love their animals. They really love being with them so why don’t we try and give them a chance to set them free. For this to be the 100th build where we build for Gerald, it’s quite an honor.”
For the family who got the new fence, it was something they have worked toward but could not have built it without the help of PETS
“It’s amazing. I spent a lot of days, hot days, trying to work real hard on this yard. This right here is really just, it amazes me. It’s God’s gift, He really helped us out,” Dennis Threlkeld said.
After just a few hours of work from the volunteers, the three dogs are now able to run free inside the fence.
PETS does require all animals they to be spayed or neutered before they will build a fence. For more information about Chain-off or other information click here.