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SAPD: Stolen Vehicle Crashes Through North Side Home, Injures Sleeping Man
Dec 15, 2016

  A stolen vehicle crashed into a home on the North Side Monday morning, injuring a sleeping man inside — who was found still in his bed by a witness — and prompting a manhunt for the driver who fled, according to witnesses and police.

  Authorities responded around 9 a.m. Monday after a white Honda SUV crashed through a fence and into a home in the 200 block of Tammy Drive behind Sheperd King Lutheran Church.

  SAFD spokesman Woody Woodward said the front of the SUV, which deployed its airbags, and the back of the home were severely damaged.

  A man was sleeping at the time of the crash was found still in bed by witnesses and police are now searching for the driver of the vehicle, which was reported stolen, a police officer at the scene.

  Jewel Jefferson, a security guard at the church, said he was parking a car in the back lot of the church when he noticed the damage caused by the crash across the street.

  Jefferson and Roger Barajas, who works for SWBC Insurance and called 911, approached the home and found a man asleep or unconscious in his bed. The man lived in the home and told the witnesses he'd been asleep during the crash.

  The victim told Barajas he was not bleeding but had been lying in bed for several hours since the crash, which he said happened around 5 or 6 a.m.

  The man, who police described as elderly, was not hit by the vehicle but was transported to the hospital as a precaution after complaining of chest pain.