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Texas Police Rescue Alligator From Fence, Decline Offered Kiss
Oct 16, 2017

Sept. 18 (UPI) -- A pair of Texas police officers said they "respectfully declined" an offered kiss from an alligator they rescued from a metal wire fence.

The Fulshear Police Department posted a photo to Facebook showing an alligator that apparently attempted to squeeze through an opening in the wire fence, but found itself stuck around its middle instead.

"Everyone needs a little help from their friends now and then. This includes reptiles... (yes reptile, not amphibian, we googled it)," the Facebook post said.

"This gator thought he was skinnier than he was (haven't we all) and attempted to squeeze through the fence, getting caught in the process.

Officer Henry and Officer Looney quickly came to his rescue this afternoon and was able to help set him free.

The gator wanted to give them a kiss for helping, but they respectfully denied his advances."