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Types Of Fence-level Usage
Aug 25, 2016

Barbed wire fence is a, this classification is extensively all walks:
1. the traffic fence the fence can be divided into: framework for mesh fence, double wire fence, Netherlands network (also known as the wire welded wire mesh).
2. Community fence community fence fencing also known as residents, peach-shaped columns of common fence, double loop wire mesh fence, fence bending triangle. Pros: beautiful shape, and beautify the environment.
In recent years there have been a number of assembled fence, it is also used for residential walls, easy installation at reasonable prices.
3. defensive barrier (gill net fence) such defensive fence mainly used in prisons, pretrial detention centres, military, airports, military Citadel, benefits: innovative, beautiful and durable.
4. the area of the stadium fence fencing, stadium district is based mostly on the chain link fence fencing badminton courts, basketball sport fencing, track and field venue fencing surrounding screen sports, playground sports fencing, golf practice field fence fence, fencing, stadium district is a fence in the series is a high profile product. Product advantages: highlight new, harmonious, vibrant.